Homefarm Commercial System

Homefarm Commercial System


The Homefarm Commercial System is a compact, fully automated indoor farm, capable of growing a wide variety of up to 48 edible crop plants at a time. Our Commercial Systems are vertical farms and take up as little as 1 square metre floor space. They enable businesses ranging from restaurants, bush lodges, corporate cafetarias as well as food retailers to offer their customers the freshest produce possible, all year round, whilst saving on food miles, packaging and refrigeration.

Key Features

  • Fully Automated Lighting and Watering Cycles
  • Optional Root Zone Temp Control and Automated Nutrient Dosing
  • Minimal Floor Space Required and Easily Mobile (on wheels)
  • Full Spectrum, High Effciency LED Grow Lights
  • On-board User Interface for maximum control

Grow Commercial Scale Yields​

Up to 9kgs per month​

Farming As A Service

For our Commercial System Clients we provide more than just an Indoor Farming System. We work with you to plan your harvests and maximize your success in growing, using and selling your produce. We also offer a suite of other services depending on your unique requirements.​
Delivery of Pre-Planted Trays x2 per week
Online Crop Planning Platform
Maintenance and Servicing
Remote Monitoring
Optional Harvesting Services

How it works

Our crops are grown on standard 25cm x 50cm trays with a special grow mix containing beneficial microbes and slow release nutrients. Guaranteed, tried and tested seeds and varieties are available for a wide range of fresh produce. All you need to provide is an indoor space, an electrical and water mains and a wifi connection. All consumables OR pre planted trays are delivered weekly.​
Empty Homefarm Soil & Seed packs into Homefarm Commercial Trays (25x50cm)​ ​ ​ ​
Place Trays on Homefarm Commercial System. Up to 18 Tray capacity.​ ​

Let your Homefarm do the rest. With​ Auto-watering, Auto Nutrient and Auto lighting cycles.​

Begin harvesting within 12 days!​

Farm Specifications

  • Automatic watering
  • Automatic sump refill (access to water mains required)
  • High efficiency, full spectrum LED lighting
  • Automatic lighting cycles
  • Automatic nutrient dosing
  • Onboard control Interface
  • Online monitoring and remote-control platform with smartcrop planning features
  • Mobile for ease of use (wheeled)
Electricity Cost*​ R300pm​
Water Cost*​ R100​ pm
Subscription Cost*​ R3,200​ pm

*costs based on the Homefarm Commercial ‘L’. See sizes below​.

Sizes Available

Commercial S 
Monthly Yield:Up to 5 Kgs
Value of yield:Up to R2,500
Rental Fee*:R1,800 pm
Purchase PriceR25,000
Commercial L 
Monthly Yield:Up to 15 Kgs
Value of yield:Up to R7,500
Rental Fee*:R3,200 pm
Purchase price:R45,000


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