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Does my Homefarm need any maintenance?

Your Homefarm appliance does require some maintenance. Most importantly the water sump needs to be topped up approximately once per week, and it is also important that the inside of your Homefarm is kept clean. This requires that the inside of your Homefarm be wiped down with a low concentration soap solution once every 2 – 4 weeks. Your Homefarm will notify you when the sump needs to be topped up.

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What do I do if something goes wrong with my homefarm?

Review the instructional guide provided with the product for self-diagnosis of the problem and or recommended fixes. If the problem cannot be easily and quickly resolved by you, you may book a call with a technician on the phone, facetime or Skype. The technician will try and diagnose the problem with you on the line remotely. If the problem can be resolved over the phone and the fix does not call for a new part, the technician will attempt to talk you through the fix on the call then and there. If the fix requires a new part, the part will be sent to you in the post and a technician will talk you through the replacement of the part over the phone.

We have a repair facility in Johannesburg and accept walk in repair enquiries for customers in Gauteng.

We are also able to dispatch repair technicians to our Gauteng customers.