Homefarm Appliance

From R8,899 or from R886 p/m for 12 months through mobicred


The Homefarm Appliance is a compact, fully automated indoor garden, capable of growing a wide variety of edible crops. Homefarm is the first product of its kind capable of growing enough produce to fully cater to its users need for fresh leafy produce. Grow fully organic, pesticide free crops, all year round.

Key Features

  • 1 kg yield per month
  • Automated Lighting, Watering and Climate Regulation
  • Premium Touch Screen Interface
  • Enclosed Environment to protect from pests and airborne contaminants
  • Can be built in

Enjoy Unbelievable Harvests

Up to 1kg per month

How it works

Empty Homefarm Soil & Seed pack ‘crops’ into Homefarm Planter Trays.
The Appliance takes x8 Planter Trays.

Let your Homefarm do the rest. With Auto-watering, Auto daylight cycles & Climate regulation.

Begin harvesting within 12 days!

The Homefarm App

Your personal gardening assistant.

Working in harmony with your farm, the Homefarm app guides you through your journey from planting to harvest.

It helps to ensure fun and successful harvests, time after time, regardless of your age or gardening experience.

Be inspired by the curated recipes on offer and earn points for using the app and redeem them for discounts on our full product range.


A revolution in food, health and well-being

Learn how to grow a wide range of leafy crops with ease.

Be inspired by our delicious and healthy recipes

Harvest daily and boost your daily nutritional intake.
Create beautifully plated dishes to impress friends and family.

Build it in

The Homefarm Appliance can be placed on a countertop, stacked beneath a countertop or built into cabinetry.

We work with our customers to incorporate Homefarms into various environments such as homes, offices, businesses and studios.

For built-in installations we work with architects and kitchen designers. You can download the installation guide-lines from the support section of this website.

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