Homefarm systems align with national parks legislation

A closer look at Botswana’s protected habitats.

Homefarm systems align with national parks legislation

Imagine a world where fresh, sustainably grown produce is just a doorstep away, regardless of the constraints imposed by geography or climate.

Our Homefarm Commercial systems are being used across South Africa, and abroad, to cultivate leafy produce in just about any environment, including remotely located lodges in highly regulated areas, like proclaimed game reserves and national parks.

A closer look at Botswana’s protected habitats

We recently commissioned a study and review of Botswana’s Wildlife Conservation and National Parks. Act (1992) and the United Nations compliant Plant Protection Act (2009) indicates that the Homefarm Commercial System can be used to grow leafy greens in protected reserves.

The indoor system mitigates against attracting wildlife and crops don’t grow all the way to seed, so they won’t propagate themselves unchecked.

It’s important that regulations can be adhered to in protected natural areas, which is why this article goes into further detail about the way that Homefarm systems achieve this.

What’s actually regulated in a conservation area?

Managing and maintaining protected areas can be a lot more complex than most of us realise.

The use of food crop seeds is severely regulated, as well as growing media. It makes it difficult for the remotely located restaurants (particularly those situated in protected national parks and conservation sites) to develop a sustainable and stable supply of fresh produce by growing anything on site.

Homefarm complies with conservation regulations

The table below outlines a number of specific regulations within Botswana, and the corresponding features of our Homefarm systems, which highlight our products’ compliance to operate in lodges situated in Botswana. 

It should be noted that regulations and laws referenced in this article relate to outdoor planting of food crops in protected areas, and that no specifications could be found yet for indoor food farming.

Important points to consider

All seeds supplied should be used to grow food on the Homefarm System. Seed quantities are carefully curated and supplied to be compatible with the Homefarm grow system. Seeds supplied should not be used to grow outdoors. Seeds should be stored in a cool, dry and dark environment indoors. 

Before importing a Homefarm system from South Africa into Botswana, we encourage that you visit your local import office for updated legislation. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to consult one of our friendly experts. Simply use our contact form to get in touch and one of our team members will contact you directly.

In conclusion, following on from research completed for several clients enquiring from within Botswana’s premium nature reserves, we have confirmed that Homefarm systems are fully compliant with national parks legislation.


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